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As a photographer in Canada watching international events unfold, I often can't help but feel like I am stuck halfway around the world without many means to help those far away. Ukraine is no different.

I watch as families are torn apart by war and have decided to put my work and experience to use in an effort to help.

This project aims to showcase scenes that link those outside of the conflict to those directly affected by it. To tell this story from the eyes of someone living removed but watching on. All photos I take here at demonstrations, protests and rallies involving the Ukrainian crisis will be minted
here in limited edition on the blockchain and listed for auction and sale as NFTs.

I will also be organizing a crowdfunding option for those who do not have access to NFTs or cryptocurrencies (link to that coming shortly).

Proceeds will go towards helping families who have been displaced by this conflict and will fund the continuation of both this photo project and eventually the documentation of the efforts these funds are raised for on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries.


NFT Collection linked below:

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